Tuesday, 21 June 2011


How to Have Beautiful Glowing Skin Using Honey

By giving yourself regular honey facials at home you can have gorgeous skin.

Instructions : Easy

      Step 1

      Honey makes a wonderful anti-aging product for your skin. Your skin will fell soft and smooth and have gorgeous glow after exfoliating and using a honey facial.
      First, you need to cleanse your face, rinse well with warm water, and then pat dry. If you really want a beautiful glow, you can exfoliate using a gentle facial scrub.
      Step 2

      For a honey facial apply pure honey to the face with fingers and be sure to cover your face completely.
      Step 3

      Let the honey stay on for 10 minutes. Most of the honey should have been absorbed into the skin by then. You can leave on longer if the honey is not fully absorbed.
      Step 4

      Rinse your face well with warm water and pat dry. Now you have just given yourself the perfect honey facial.
      Step 5

      Add your favorite moisturizer for a beautiful healthy glow.

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