Tuesday, 21 June 2011


How to Have Clear, Beautiful Skin Using Just An Egg

Why keep spending money on fancy facial masks and exfoliating lotions when you could get the same or better results from an egg. It has all the vitamins, minerals and exfoliates you need for a fraction of the cost! All you need is one egg and you are ready to go. Bye bye acne and oily skin.

Instructions : Easy

      Step 1

      Crack the egg and put it a bowl. Whip it with a fork just like you are making scrambled eggs. Make sure it is mixed well.
      Step 2
      should look like this but with a little different color
      Next apply it to your face using your hand, a paper towel or anything else if you don't want to use your hand. Make sure you get it on your whole face and apply it evenly.
      Step 3

      Let it dry for 20-40 mins. You will feel the egg hardening. When you feel the egg is completely dry and begins to crack remove by washing your face with water or showering. Reveal a healthier more beautiful face. This is the easiest and cheapest solution for healthier skin

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