Tuesday, 21 June 2011


How to Have Beautiful Skin With Fruits
So we all want beautiful skin and there are 
thousands of products to choose from that 
contain a lot of chemical ingredients. 
Sometimes they are good but they can also be 
bad for your skin. The best way to go is all 
natural. Here are a few tips to get a 
beautiful, glowing complexion with fruits. Who 
would have knew!

Instructions : Easy

      Step 1

      Improve skin color :
      carrots (grated)
      almond extract
      mix ingredients together. should form a 
loose paste. cleanse face. apply mixture to 
face. massage in a circular motion. leave on 
for 15 minutes. rinse.
      Step 2

      Refresh :
      apple (pieces)
      finely chop apple pieces in a mixer. add 
a little honey. mix well. cleanse face. apply 
mixture to face. massage. leave on for 30 
minutes. rinse with cool water.
      Step 3

      Blemish :
      tomato (chopped)
      1 tsp lemon juice
      mix ingredients together. may have to 
crush with spoon. apply mixture to face. 
massage. leave on for 30 minutes. rub off with 
towel or tissue. rinse.

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